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Prize Wheel
Unity Component

Easily add a Daily Spin to your games.
PrizeWheel supports from 2 to 20 positions on the wheel.
Weighted selection allows you to decide how likely each prize is to be won. 
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Android Game

Crypto uses a substitution cypher to encrypt one of over 76000 quotes, for you to try to solve.
In a substitution cypher, one letter is used to replace another in the quote. For example, all of the E's in the quote might be displayed as Q's. Only the letters have been substituted, all spaces, punctuation, etc... remain unchanged, to help you solve the puzzle.
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Clear The Grid
Android Game

Clear the grid is an addicting puzzle game, Easy to play, but difficult to master. Use strategy to help determine where to place each piece, leaving room for more pieces to be played.

This game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Combine the pieces in the grid, while trying to destroy full vertical and/or horizontal lines.

Keep your eye on the leaderboard. See how you are stacking up against others playing the game!
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